Helping Dwr Cymru to Visualise their Year

18 July 2012

Annual reports are often tirelessly researched, well presented, and little read outside of an organisation’s core supporters and stakeholders. In order to buck this trend Dŵr Cymru approached The Festivals Company to create a short film that would succinctly communicate how they  had performed over the past 12 months. In response, the company created a 5 minute promo, which visualised the key facts and figures from their annual report in a style which incorporated the organisation’s estates across Wales and, of course, water.

“Using water was an obvious choice, but we couldn’t resist finding ways to display all these figures using different water effects. The promo was a tail of two halves really: the 1st part being a relative straight forward mix of live action and 2D work; and the 2nd featuring both 2D and 3D graphics tied together with the interview with Chris Jones (Finance Director, Dŵr Cymru). I think both parts complement each other because our main objective was to communicate the information in a way that was simple and engaging and I think we achieved this” said James Nee who directed the promo for The Festivals Company.

“Alun Shurmer (Head of Internal and External Communications, Dŵr Cymru) came to us with a script that was 90% complete. Our job was to bring it to live in a way which would give the viewer a clear idea of what Dŵr Cymru does and what they aim to achieve. We also wanted the promo to have a similar look and feel to the previous work we’d done for the client so that they could be seen together as a package” added Berwyn Rowlands, Managing Director, The Festivals Company.

The Festivals Company also created four short case studies films, shot in locations throughout Wales, to accompany the visual annual report film, all of which can be viewed below.  

Dwr Cymru Annual Report 2012 from The Festivals Company on Vimeo.

Meeting Customer Expectations from The Festivals Company on Vimeo.

Protecting Public Health from The Festivals Company on Vimeo.

Reliable Sanitation from The Festivals Company on Vimeo.

Safeguarding our Environment from The Festivals Company on Vimeo.