Beijing Award for Film

15 November 2011
Boys Village wins at Beijing Film Festival
A short film produced by the Festivals Company takes audience award.
Boys Village written and directed by Till Kleinert and produced by The Festivals Company has won its first international award when it was presented with the audience award at the 10th Beijing Film Academy International Film Festival.
The film is the second short film produced by the The Festivals Company as part of the Iris Prize. Presented annually at the Cardiff based film festival of the same name the prize enables the winning filmmaker to make a short film with a budget of around £25,000.
"We are delighted for Till and the amazing cast and crew who worked on this project. Film making is a collaborative process but when you have a talent like Till leading with his vision and well crafted story telling skills you know that you will get something special," said Berwyn Rowlands, from The Festivals Company.
"The film was well received at its premiere screening in Cardiff, but you would expect this from a local audience. The real test is when an international audience gets to see the work. Winning the audience prize at Beijing is a great start for Boys Village as the film embarks on its journey around international film festivals," he added.
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