Berwyn Rowlands

The Festivals Company are a bilingual company that brings together extensive experience in delivering PR, consultancy, and marketing.

Our commitment to high standards and quality is never used as an excuse to bamboozle our clients with confusing jargon. To the contrary, our company is committed to sharing our skills with others as we support the development of excellence in our field.

Our consultancy work has ranged from creating strategy documents, PR campaigns, and outreach initiatives to programming content and offering mentoring (including guest lecturing). The company has offered consultancy services to a growing number of clients including the British Council Wales, Welsh Assembly Commission, National Library of Wales, Celtic Media Festival, Media Academy Wales, MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, and the Welsh Government.

For more information about our services and how we could help make your initiative, competition, event or campaign a success please get in touch for an informal chat. The company is happy to work on projects big or small.